Heat resistant heirloom tomatoes to prevent blossom drop

Areas in the Southern US are facing plenty of tomato problems this year because the weather is too hot at night, resulting in a great deal of blossom drop (we included a video about blossom drop at the end of this post). If you live in a region with high nighttime temperatures (75-80F) and there […]

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Friday Heirloom Roundup

Here is our heirloom gardening round up from the past week.

First, if you didn’t see our Avoiding GMO Foods & Veggies, be sure to share it!

Avoiding GMO Fruits & Veggies Infographic

Heirloom Gardening!

Happy Child CSA was talking about their crop of heirloom tomatoes.

View from the Great Island: Heirlooms He talks […]

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Avoiding GMO Fruits & Veggies (Infographic)

A quick reference for what is safe and not safe when wanting to buy fresh fruits and veggies at the grocery store. And we will keep it up to date as more GMOs unfortunately enter the market area Unfortunately GMO seeds are still becoming more popular with commercial growers (but that is a whole other […]

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Friday Heirloom Gardening & Cooking Roundup

Here is a roundup of some of the heirloom gardening related blogs, recipes and events from the past week.

Mmmmm… Heirloom Tomatoes & Veggies

Julie from Growing Days talks about building her garden beds for her non-GMO veggies. She also is using the Square Foot Garden method and shows us all the diagrams from her […]

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Seed & Biodiversity Forum

I came across this video on Youtube, a neatly one hour video featuring guest speakers talking about seeds and biodiversity. There is also Q&A in the video as well, which asks some pretty tough questions, such as irradiated seeds. Well worth the time to watch.

One of the speakers brings up a really interesting point […]

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Starting a Seed Bank in Santa Cruz

There was a really great article last month about how a UCSC college grad started up a seed bank in Santa Cruz to save heirloom seeds in the community.

The 21-year-old UC–Santa Cruz history major founded the UCSC Demeter Seed Library last year, spurred by his fascination with heirloom plant varieties and a $10,000 grant […]

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Welcome to the new Heirloom Seeds Database

Welcome while we get all our heirloom seeds information ported over to our new site! It will be a work in progress over the next few days, but then the database will be better than ever The veggie pages are going up first, then the individual pages for each variety of heirloom.

Do you have […]

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