Corn is a very popular vegetable and one of the oldest vegetables in production in the United States.

Growing Advice

Companion Planting

Helps: Bush beans, beets, cabbage, squash Avoid: Tomatoes, pole beans

Pests & Diseases

Aphids, beetles, earwigs, rust.

Heirloom Varieties

  • Anasazi
  • Ashworth
  • Aunt Mary’s Sweet Corn
  • Bear Paw (Bearpaw)
  • Black Aztec (Black Mexican, Mexican Sweet, Black Iroquois)
  • Bloody Butcher
  • Blue Jade
  • Buhl
  • Burbank’s Early Maine
  • Cherokee Long Ear Small
  • Cherokee Popcorn
  • Cherokee White Eagle
  • Chires
  • Chocolate Cherry
  • Country Gentleman (Shoepeg)
  • Dakota Black
  • Floriani Red Flint
  • Golden Bantam (Golden Bantam 8 Row)
  • Hickory King
  • Hooker’s Sweet
  • Howling Mob
  • Isleta Blue
  • Lady Finger
  • Longfellow
  • Louis Miller Dent
  • Luther Hill
  • Mandan Red
  • Neal’s Paymaster
  • Nothstine Dent
  • Oazacan Green Dent
  • Pencil Cob
  • Pennsylvania Butter Flavor
  • Pungo Creek Butcher
  • Rainbow Sweet Inca
  • Reid’s Yellow Dent
  • Seneca Red Stalker
  • Stowell’s Evergreen
  • Strawberry Corn
  • Tennessee Red Cob
  • Texas Honey June
  • Thompson Prolific
  • Tom Thumb Popcorn
  • True Gold
  • Wade’s Giant Indian
  • Whipples White
  • Wisconsin Black

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1 comment to Corn

  • SusieQ

    Corn Suggestion:
    SIMONET CORN Zea May – this corn was developed by a Canadian Bob Simonet. I can grow it in my cold zone 2 maybe 3. I found the ears a bit smaller but the taste is delicious and I was able to save seed. This years corn is from saved seed – not ready yet the cobs are a bit smaller and right now very white kernels. Will see in the next 2 weeks what happens. The plants are shorter than other corn in my area.
    thanks for great site….

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