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Because some of the best heirlooms aren’t readily available today, you can easily submit information and we will include it in the database.

Be sure to include as much detail as possible :)

Heirloom Variety:

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Availability: (if you know where to buy/obtain the seeds, please include).

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2 comments to Missing a variety? Add it here!

  • Jon Deikman


    I was enthralled by an heirloom eggplant variety, called the Aswad Eggplant, that I found online from the Baker Creek seed company (see link for this plant at: http://rareseeds.com/aswad-eggplant.html . Drought resistant, large black eggplants, sweet flesh; weigh ~ 3 pounds each. Seeds are “out of stock”and apparently available nowhere else.

    Have contacted Baker Creek at their main office. Asked when seeds will be available, but was told they did not know and no more would be sold this planting season.

    Called the Petaluma Seed Bank, a Baker Creek distributor. Left a message to see if they had seeds. Expecting a call back. If successful, I will provide them to the seedbank if desired. In any case would love to see seeds deposited with you in the event I come up empty handed.

    Thank you,

  • SusieQ

    Sorry forgot to add this info to last post about Simonet Corn – it is available from Prairie Garden Seeds at http://www.prseeds.ca/catalogue/corn.php?C=Corn and Heritage Harvest Seeds http://www.heritageharvestseed.com/corn.html. Both located in Saskatchewan Canada. If we can grow it here with our short hot and dry summers and very cool nights it has to be good.

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