Leek is a vegetable that are very hardy and resistant to many diseases. Many of the heirloom leeks are known by multiple names, so we ave included the alternative names in parentheses)

Growing Advice

Leeks can be planted in the early spring, and depending on the climate, will continue to produce through the fall and winter.

Companion Planting

Pests & Diseases

Leeks are mainly disease and pest resistant if you practice crop rotation and do not plant leeks where another member of the onion family has been planted in the previous thre years.

Seed Saving

Leeks will cross-polinate with other leeks, but not with onions or chives. Leeks require overwintering in most climates in order to produce seeds the following growing season. Pick the flowers before they shatter so you do not lose the seeds. Dry them well before storing for the growing season.

Heirloom Varieties

  • American Flag (Broad London)
  • Blue Solaize
  • Bulgarian Giant Leek
  • Carentan (Improved Swiss Giant)
  • Giant Musselburgh (Scotch Flag)
  • King Richard
  • King Sieg
  • Prizetaker (The Lyon)

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