Black Russian Broad Bean

Black Russian Broad Bean

Heirloom Type: Broad (Fava) Beans

Alternative names: Crimson Flower; Red Flowered

Origins:  Russia

Characteristics: Gorgeous purple beans that dry to black in color.  Grows well in colder climates.

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Availability: Extremely rare.

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3 comments to Black Russian Broad Bean

  • alan jolley

    having found black russian broard beans on your site where can they be bought in the uk thank you

  • james

    Heritage Harvest has them. Not sure if they ship to UK, but since they’re Canadian, one would assume so. I bought some last year and they did OK.

  • SusieQ

    YES has Black Russian Faba Beans. I brought them and planted this spring. I live in Canada – Zone 2 and they are doing great! Can’t wait to harvest a few – want to save some seed as well. FYI – I have been buying from Heritage Harvest Seeds for a few years now and I have always been happy with my seeds. Highly recommend them. You won’t believe how many varieties they have of beans and tomatoes!

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