Cabbage is a vegetable that is not only popular but an easy crop to grow. Cabbages come in a variety of colors, although green and red (purple) are most popular.

Growing Advice

Cabbage do not take a lot of work to grow, so they are a great vegetable to grow for cabbage lovers. They need to be watered frequently because of their shallow root system.

Companion Planting

Pests & Diseases

Practice crop rotation with cabbages. Cabbages grow best in cool climates.

Seed Saving

Heirloom Varieties

  • All Seasons
  • Bacalan de Rennes
  • Brunswick
  • Charleston Wakefield (Henderson’s Charleston Wakefield)
  • Cheiftain Savoy
  • Copenhagen Market
  • Coeur de Boeuf Des Vertus
  • Cuor di Bue
  • Danish Ballhead
  • Early Jersey Wakefield (True American)
  • Early Round Dutch
  • Glory of Enkhuizen
  • Golden Acre
  • January King
  • Jersey Wakefield
  • Mammoth Red Rock (Red Danish)
  • Marner Allfroh
  • Michihli Chinese
  • Nero di Toscana (Black Palm Tree)
  • Pak Choi (Bok Choi)
  • Perfection Drumhead Savoy
  • Premium Early Flat Dutch
  • Premium Late Flat Dutch
  • Red Acre
  • Red Acre Early
  • Red Drumhead
  • Red Express
  • Red Rock
  • Savoy Perfection
  • Savoy Drumhead
  • Slava z Enkhuizen
  • Tete Noir
  • Wheelers Imperial
  • Winningstadt

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