Asparagus is a vegetable that is unlike most since it requires at least 3 growing seasons before spears can be harvested.

Growing Advice

It is a common misconception that white asparagus is an heirloom variety of asparagus, however, white asparagus is simply green asparagus that has simply been covered with dirt once the green shoots begin popping up.

It is generally harvested in the spring or early summer.

Asparagus is a perennial. You can grow it from seed, although you will not want to take any spears from the plant for at least the first couple of years. You can grow it from a mature plant (asparaus crowns) and begin harvesting spears sooner. Do not cut back plants, you should allow them to die back to ensure a healthy plant next season.

Companion Planting

Pests & Diseases

Asparagus beetle can be repelled from asparagus if you plant it next to tomato plants.

Seed Saving

Asparagus is unusual in that it grows male and female seeds on seperate plants, and some varieties of asparagus are male plants only. Make sure you read on each specific variety of asparagus if you plan to save your own seeds and ensure your plants are cross-polinating. Seeds can only be harvested from plants that are three years or older. If you plan to collect seeds, do not harvest as many asparagus spears from that plant so you can ensure it produces berries. If you have multiple plants, you can “taste test” a spear or two from each plant and select the one with your preferred flavor. The seeds are contained within the berries. Heirloom Varieties

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