Broccoli is a common vegetable, and while most broccoli is green, some heirloom varieties come in other colors such as purple. Both the florets and the stems are edible, although nowadays, may people prefer to eat just the florets.

Growing Advice

Broccoli is best grown in cool climates. There are two types of broccoli plants, sprouting and heading broccoli, depending on the variety`s grow style.

Companion Growing

Pests & Diseases

Broccoli can suffer from cutworm infestation, root maggots, aphids, and flea beetles. Practice crop rotation with broccoli for best results on at least a 3 year rotation.

Seed Saving

Broccoli is usually requires a second growing season before it flowers, however if planted early enough with specific weather for the growing season, it can flower at the end of the first season. When broccoli flowers, it produces seed pods. When the seed pods turn golden in color, you can harvest the seeds.

Heirloom Varieties

  • Calabrese Green Sprouting
  • De Cicco
  • Early Purple Sprouting
  • Green Goliath
  • Nutri-Bud
  • Purple Peacock
  • Purple Sprouting
  • Romanesco Italia
  • Rosalind
  • Thompson
  • Waltham 29

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