Onion is a very common vegetable.  They come in a great many varieties such as sweet, green and yellow with a variety of culinary uses.

Growing Advice

You can grow onions from seeds or from sets, although some gardeners say that onions grown from seed have a sharper taste. There are mixed opinions on whether to rotate onions or not, but if pests are an issue, you should rotate crops. Onions are harvested once their green tops begin to tip over. Carefully dig them up as the outer “paper” skin will protect them in storage. Be sure to make sure the onion type you wish to grow works for your gardening zone.

Companion Planting

Pests & Diseases

Seed Saving

You will need to let your onion overwinter if you wish to save seeds, as seeds will only form during the second growing season. Onions will cross-pollinate with other onions if you wish to save pure seeds (although they will not cross with leeks or chives), so only let one variety go to seed per season unless you isolate them.

Heirloom Varieties

  • Ailsa Craig
  • Bianca di Maggio
  • Borettana Cipollini (Borettana Yellow)
  • Bronze d’Amposta
  • Catawissa Onion
  • Cippolini
  • Danvers Yellow Globe
  • Early Yellow Globe
  • Evergreen White Hardy Bunching
  • Eveready Multiplier Onions
  • Flat of Italy
  • German Red
  • Golden Snow Shoe Shallots
  • Greely Bunching Onion
  • Jaune Paille Des Vertus
  • Long Red Florence
  • Moritz Egyptian
  • New York Early
  • Quicksilver Pearl
  • Red Beard
  • Red Torpedo
  • Red Wethersfield
  • Rossa di Milano
  • Southport Red Globe
  • Southport White Globe
  • Spanish Roja
  • Stuttgarter
  • Texas Early Grano
  • Tohono O’odham L’itoi’s
  • Tropena
  • Yellow Ebenezer
  • Yellow of Parma
  • Yellow Potato Onion
  • Yellow Sweet Spanish
  • Violet di Galmi
  • Walla Walla Sweet Yellow
  • Wethersfield Red Large
  • White Portugal

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