Seed & Biodiversity Forum

I came across this video on Youtube, a neatly one hour video featuring guest speakers talking about seeds and biodiversity.  There is also Q&A in the video as well, which asks some pretty tough questions, such as irradiated seeds.  Well worth the time to watch.

One of the speakers brings up a really interesting point that it is better to grow heirloom plants where they grow best, because you might be saving seeds in a climate where they don’t produce the best germination as well as in better climates.   So you could actually be saving inferior seeds.


This forum was part of the Reskilling Expo held 2/26/11 at the Live Oak Grange. Speakers include: Arty Mangan, Bioneer’s Food and Farming Director, works with indigenous and biocultural seed projects; Benjamin Fahrer, a permaculture designer, educator and activist, recently attended Seed School in Arizona; Masaharu Noda, Manager of Santa Cruz Shumei Farm where pure seed is used as a key principle of Natural Agriculture; Axel Kratel,  a consummate orchardist who also happens to be a physicist; and Zea Sonnabend, an inspector and policy person for CCOF, provides growers with the tools to farm with organic integrity.

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