Friday Heirloom Gardening & Cooking Roundup

Here is a roundup of some of the heirloom gardening related blogs, recipes and events from the past week.

Mmmmm… Heirloom Tomatoes & Veggies

Julie from Growing Days talks about building her garden beds for her non-GMO veggies. She also is using the Square Foot Garden method and shows us all the diagrams from her planting and exactly what she is planting. This is the blog post you should all read!  I also have the book although I haven’t tackled this particular method yet, I have some leftover space I haven’t finished planting I could definitely try it out on.

Ben Block from Earl’s Organic Produce has some pics of the Cherokee Purple flowering already (just about the stage my Purple Cherokees are at)

Seeking Abudance has an awesome entry about sharing a passion for heirlooms with her neighbor, and she talks a great deal about companion planting, another passion of mine!

Mad Dogs & Englishman listed out the heirloom veggies being planted this year – it is also a great started list for others starting out heirloom gardening too.

Made by Jane is doing the Urban Farm Challenge and has posted what she is growing – although I think my favorite part was seeing how different heirloom seed companies packaged the seeds in the pic on her blog… it seems every company does something very different.

And for something completely different, Kathleen Ernst has written a book called The Heirloom Murders (just featured on Inkspot) includes the importants of preserving heirloom plants and seeds.  I was disappointed to discover my library doesn’t have it.  You can also visit her homepage here and her blog entry about the book here.

True Food Movement has a piece on heirlooms and diversity.

There are some great heirloom tomato photos over at My Tiny PlotThe pics of the Green Zebra make me wish mine were closer to harvest date!

If you are in Rolla, Missouri, the Rolla Community Garden has free heirloom tomatoes, but they request you leave the flats and pots behind for future plantings :)

What’s Cooking With Heirlooms

Now into the kitchen, here are some fun heirloom recipes we saw  in the blogosphere this past week.

Heirloom Tomato Mojito
I love all things heirloom tomatoes, obviously, but I never would have dreamed of making up an heirloom tomato mojito.  So original, and she includes the recipe to make your own.  (Via Hoochlife)

Three Tomato Gazpacho
From the Cooking’s Good blog and she also mentions the Heirloom Tomato cookbook by Amy Goldman.

Lavender & Basil Whole Wheat Brushetta with Heirloom Tomatoes
I never would have thought of putting lavendar with brushetta, I would love to hear from anyone who tries it out!

Next Weekend Heirloom Related Events

10th Annual Heirloom Seedling Sale
May 19th 2012, Kitchener ON

Tomato Days 2012
May 19, 20, 21, 2012, Tree & Twig Farm, Niagara, ON.

Project EATS Pop-up Market
May 20th 10-3, Brooklyn, NY

Have an event for this weekend or next?  Post a comment and we will add it :)  Did we miss something awesome you did with heirloom gardening in the past week?  Also let us know and we will try and include you next week!

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